Custom MIDI

About Us

Our Mission was founded to equip artists with their ultimate performance tools. Our workshop can design and construct a multitude of unique MIDI control environments to the specifications and needs of the user. Our products feature high-quality components, chosen for their responsiveness, durability and feel in custom designed enclosures.

In the custom shop we will work with you to spec out, design, and code your "ultimate performance controller". We offer sliders and knobs of varying sizes and resistances, different styles of quality pushbuttons, toggle switches, and LED's as well jumpable controls such as touchstrips.

When ordering, you can expect excellence in craftsmanship down to the very last detail. Our enclosures are made from solid hard woods, aluminum, and acrylics Additional artwork and labeling can be airbrushed on by one of our local artists or custom graphics can be screenprinted on top. Each of our models are hand-built and inspected by our team, and includes a MIDI editor/performance application that is individually programmed for each controller.

All this adds up to a toatally personalized performance tool that will inspire and liberate the user.

To order, send a description/sketch of your desired MIDI controller to:

Initial quotes may take up to 3 business days to process.


[Terms and Conditions]
Custom midi reserves the non-exclusive right to use any and all designs submitted or processed for any purpose including but not limited to sales, promotion, advertising, fabrication, reviewing, and publicisizing with the lone stipulation that the designer/artist be acknowleged appropriately in writing and soleley for their design contribution and nothing else.