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The custom shop is where your dreams come to life. To get started, download the designer's toolkit - which includes to-scale .png diagrams of the different components for use in your design. Remember not to re-size the components or your design might turn out oddly shaped and not to scale. When designing your controller, the sky's the limit. You can have as many faders, knobs, buttons, led's, touch strips, and toggles as you want. There are also very few rules about where you can place your components, so don't feel like you have to put things in straight boxed quadrants if you don't want. We encourage creative and artistic designs.

We also offer high quality enclosure fabrication. Choose from aluminum (brushed or polished), fine woods, acrylics (including plexiglass and a wide array of polymers), and wood side panels.

Personalize the look and feel of your controller but uploading custom artwork. Our artwork options include laser etching (wood burn, laser detail), metal etching, screen printing, custom airbrush (see Falcontrol and SR MixControl), and plain colors (anything you can imagine from neon, to gold, to black, white, and everything in between).

When you're ready to order, send your design or a description to:

Initial quotes may take up to 3 business days to process.
Fabrication time is generally 2-3 months depending on the size of the controller.



For those who want to get their hands on the construction process and save some money, kits are available complete with detailed step by step instructions and all the parts you need. Basic electronics experience is required.

To order a kit, just design your controller and submit to We'll take care of the rest!

When ordering a kit, you can expect a 3-4 week delivery time.


[Terms and Conditions]
Custom midi reserves the non-exclusive right to use any and all designs submitted or processed for any purpose including but not limited to sales, promotion, advertising, fabrication, reviewing, and publicisizing with the lone stipulation that the designer/artist be acknowleged appropriately in writing and soleley for their design contribution and nothing else.