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*NOTE* unless otherwise specified each controller is designed by the artist and built by CMC. Complete creative control is exercised in the design process and no two controllers will be exactly alike. Submit your concept to for a free design consultation and quote.

SR MixControl

The SR MixControl is a highly versatile mix-oriented controller designed by Simon Rodgers of Melbourne, Australia and built by our technicians here at CMC. It features high quality black concave arcade buttons, super bright red LED's, sliders, spring buttons, and super smooth knobs. This controller also integrates an elegant programmer application that enables complex LED functionality and innovative preset memory. Tying it all together is custom artwork from our favorite visionary painter, Clay Chollar (Constant Creation Studios).

About the Designer
Hailing from Australia Simon Rodgers AKA (Sie Rodgers), has been djing in Australia and abroad playing minimal, tech-house, breaks, and techno since 2000. He is now unleashing the power of his custom midi controller by creating his own style of minimal techno.


SOLD for $1450

custom midi controller
custom midi controller


The FA-01 (aka. The Falcontroller)

Designed by Mad Zach and R2 the Specialist, the Falcontrol was conceived to be a performance optimized alternative to generic pad interfaces like the trigger finger and MPD.

It wields an impressive 13 arcade-style push buttons, 7 knobs, 5 slider pots, 3 industrial toggle switches, and the grandaddy of controls- a 2.5" 2D touchstrip (for unprecedented tactile control over your mix).

This limited edition model features the artwork of visionary painter Clay Chollar (Constant Creation Studios).

AVAILABLE from $650






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[Terms and Conditions]
Custom midi reserves the non-exclusive right to use any and all designs submitted or processed for any purpose including but not limited to sales, promotion, advertising, fabrication, reviewing, and publicisizing with the lone stipulation that the designer/artist be acknowleged appropriately in writing and soleley for their design contribution and nothing else.